You are invited to our next Open House on 
Thursday, January 10, from 5 - 7 p.m. 
at our Kenmore Square Location,
648 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02215.

*Please note that there will be a presentation at 5:45 by the Institute's president Siri Karm Singh Khalsa. Refreshments will be served.




15 Years of Testimonials

" of the better-known programs in the country." -- The Wall Street Journal, September 13-14, 2008


“The TEFL program that BLI offers is second to none. It is truly a rewarding experience that I think will stay with me throughout my career as an ESL instructor and my lifetime.”– Jasmyne Raneri – June 2015, full-time program 


“The BLI TEFL Certificate Program is one of the best classroom experiences I have had. The trainers are excellent and the course is very well designed to help you succeed. I am highly satisfied with my choice.”– Jeffery Varrone – May 2015, full-time program 


“It is impressive that BLI follows up when students move on. Most schools don't take the time to do that. .. Although it was at times quite demanding working full-time and attending BLI on Saturdays for three months, the time was immensely enjoyable. The instruction was professional, the teachers were diverse and engaging, and the camaraderie developed with classmates was an unexpected bonus. I still keep in touch with several of them. I'll likely be back to take a Spanish or Portuguese class in the fall. Hope to see you then. ”– Steve Geddis – Spring 2015, part-time program


“I came from Italy just to attend this course; it was challenging and intensive. I feel I have developed all the skills required and I can become a very successful teacher!”– Valeria Passarelli – Spring 2015, part-time program


“I learned much more than "how to teach English" here. With the help of the intelligent trainers, I not only bettered myself as an educator, I discovered a world of possibilities." – Emma Hughen – Spring 2015, part-time program


“I came for a TEFL certificate and came away with an entire education. This course has changed the way I think and how I see the world and my place in it. My generation is cautious because of the economic situation we’ve stumbled into, but this course has made me more optimistic about my future as a teacher.”– Maureen Smith, September – December 2014


“I think this program is not just about how to teach. It’s also about understanding yourself: what you are capable of and how you benefit people. It is so wonderful to be able to see the grateful smiles on the students’ faces and know you help people around the world to unite.”– Marina Maximova, September – December 2014


“I felt connected to every person who worked and taught here. They set attainable goals and gave the right amount of information and inspiration while being themselves, open, realistic and fun. The days were long but they never felt dragged out or boring.”– Jennifer Zalkin, November 2014


“I felt extremely confident in my instructors from Day 1, and the curriculum was deeply skill-focused, so I finished very secure in what I'd learned to do. I can't imagine a better course in TEFL certification.”– Ciro Faienza, November 2014


“Incredibly intensive but very fulfilling. I will definitely walk away from this program with a deeper appreciation for English and teaching it to others.”– Cora Wu, November 2014

“The four-week TEFL program gave me all the skills I need to succeed as an ESL teacher. The trainers were intelligent and thoughtful, offering everything teachers need to hit the ground running.”– Ian Capasso, September 2014


“I couldn’t imagine a TEFL Program put together any better than BLI’s full immersion style into the world of teaching.”– Tyson Coelho, September 2014


“The TEFL program at The Boston Language Institute was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. It has lived up to its expectations and given me an opportunity to explore many paths in life.”– Spencer Matthews, August 2014


“Coming to The Boston Language Institute made me aware of what it takes to be a teacher and got me excited about a new career.”– Emily Mitchell, August 2014


“The program was one of the best investments I have ever made. The quality education has thoroughly prepared me to begin a career as an EFL teacher. It has created a whole new world of opportunities that I can’t wait to explore.”– Madeline Thompson, August 2014


“BLI has been the best educational experience of my life. Every teacher is an expert at communicating with students. You will leave class every day feeling confident that you have learned something important and will be able to apply that technique at your future job.”– Mark Simms, August 2014


“The TEFL Certificate Program is a teacher training that aims at equipping experienced and new teachers with all the necessary ESL theories and practice in the most interactive way. The program nurtures student-centered learning.”– Houda Raghib, August 2014


“Prepare to work hard and learn a lot.”– Paige Anderson, July 2014


“Great support staff that facilitates amazing and enlightening discussion catering to individual and group needs.”– Joseph Ali, July 2014


“This program is very intensive. You definitely learn a lot but be prepared to listen, absorb and teach.” – Nicole Garcia, June 2014


“The Boston Language Institute is a great school that provides you with the tools you need to teach English with confidence and structure.”– Robyn Bleakney, June 2014


“The TEFL program is such hard work that you feel like it can’t get any harder and that leaves me with confidence for the future and satisfaction in my training.”– Carol Brobeck, April-June 2014


“I was extremely impressed by how knowledgeable the teachers are. I never realized there was so much to know.”– Sandi Aritza, April-June 2014


"I wanted to thank you again for everything I gained from attending The Boston Language Institute for the last four weeks. I really obtained so much more than I was expecting. I am so happy that my intuition told me to apply to BLI and that it worked out for me in such a positive way. I feel more confident in my professional life AND in my personal life as well. I plan to continue practicing Kundalini yoga; I feel that it helped me greatly during my time in Boston."- Lynette Bridenthal, May 2014


"The BLI program has been phenomenal. I have greatly improved my public speaking skills and, of course, my confidence in teaching. I feel prepared to take on the world."– Andrew Feinberg, April 2014


"I was completely satisfied with the program. The different teachers all brought interesting experience and were very supportive and thorough. The teaching practice was so enriching and got me through the grammar and coursework."– Helene Martel, March 2014


"The Boston Language Institute gave me the hands-on practice and insight to make me feel well prepared and excited to teach."– Nathan Banfield, March 2014


"The personal attention I received exceeded all my expectations. The trainers went out of their way to make sure I could get help whenever I needed it, even when they weren’t officially teaching that day."– Brian Guest, February 2014


"An intense program that prepares you well for the field. A wonderful community for learning and growing. I don’t want to leave BLI."– Elyse Peterson, February 2014


"It is not just an English-teaching training. It is a training on communication of new materials, dealing with people and on how to make a difference in someone else’s life."– Karen Jiyun Sung, January 2014


"I really appreciate the detail, effort and diligence that the instructors put into their teaching and lesson plans. Even though this was a one month course, I feel as if I have been here for much longer than that. I’ve learned so much! Thank you!"– Rodeline Prince, January 2014


"I chose this course with the expectation that I would learn how to teach English; I left it with so much more. The extremely knowledgeable and helpful trainers, the resources made available to us, and even the students themselves helped thoroughly prepare and enthuse me for a new career in teaching."– Julia Hall, January-March 2014


"As someone who loves to learn and wishes I could be a student forever, this really made me happy. The relaxed environment made class easy to sit through, but knowing how much information we had to learn and the firmness of the instructors made me very attentive and receptive."– Sheryl Seller, January-March 2014


"TEFL at BLI is a wonderful program! Fantastic curriculum, instructors and lots of great support after hours and after course completion. I learned a ton and I’m feeling confident and prepared to teach out in the real world! I now also have a fantastic portfolio of lesson plans to bring with me in interviews and to use in the classroom."– Bathsheba King, January-March 2014


"A thoroughly challenging and gratifying experience! Forces you to face your fears, learn your shortcomings and overcome them. Highly recommend!"– Julia Ripa, September-December 2013


"Boston Language has been a great experience. Taking this course with other hardworking people – with many different ideas for the use for their certification -- has been a very rewarding and eye-opening experience. I hope to keep in touch with them throughout our English teaching careers and beyond."– Brianna Horne, September-December 2013


"Great feedback from very engaging trainers. Lots of time for teaching students in the classroom – It’s not all theoretical like some programs out there."– Andrea Davis, November 2013


"I believe that the lessons you learn here prepare you for many avenues in life beyond just teaching."– Kenneth Scotch, November 2013


"Excellent program that enables the student to grasp the world of ESL in a short period of time."– Gina Ostis, October 2013


"I had a great experience. All of the hard work paid off in the end and I feel comfortable applying for jobs with the knowledge and experience I have gained at BLI. "– Erin McGinty, September 2013


"When I first came to BLI, I was skeptical that I would be a great English teacher. Now I feel like I could teach any language I may know using what I learned from them. "– Zachery Withrock, September 2013


"The program is outstanding in every aspect. The teaching modules are well conceived, practical and useful. The instructors are uniformly excellent -- very good, very approachable and willing to help in any way. The Institute will provide ongoing support as well."- Ed Surette, August 2013


"This is an amazing program. When I came here, I didn’t expect the class to be so intense but it really challenged me. I now feel confident to teach my own class and I met some great friends from class. I had a great time!"- Endri Jani, August 2013


"This program gave me the information, practice and confidence to succeed as an ESL teacher in any country with any student."- Sophie Bergelson, August 2013


"The program is very thorough and every trainer is focused on helping you succeed and develop as a teacher."- Philip Gosnell, August 2013


"Completely happy and so glad I made this choice. I look forward to keeping in touch and continuing this connection for a long time."- Hannah Staats, July 2013


"It was a very intensive program, but there was never a time when I simply could not do the work. The staff is always ready and willing to support you, and overall it was a great experience that has prepared me to teach far more than I’d imagined it would."- Rebecca Fleming, June 2013


"This program helped me make the transition from “interested” in teaching ESL to “teacher” of ESL. It gave me much-needed confidence and new skill sets."- Melissa Tabak, June 2013


"The Boston Language Institute’s TEFL program is a ‘learn by doing’ program and the amount of knowledge I acquired over the 12 weeks of the part-time program was amazing. Interacting with the ESL students was by far my favorite part! Also, many of the techniques and lessons presented at the Institute proved effective for my non-ESL middle school students."- Kerry Domohowski, April-June 2013


"The Boston Language Institute’s TEFL program is a game changer if you are interested in teaching English in foreign lands, experiencing diverse cultures and languages, and helping people realize their dream of speaking English and communicating with confidence."- Anna Chinappi, April-June 2013


"The TEFL program at The Boston Language Institute is the way to go if you want to feel confident in your skills as an ESL educator. The instructors create a fun, engaging and professional learning environment and give you all the support you need."- Mike Forest, April-June 2013


"The Boston Language Institute provides a great overview of TEFL skills and the structure to implement lessons successfully. The trainers are experienced and insightful and the trainees are good company."- Merry Perry, April-June 2013


"The Boston Language Institute molds people from all backgrounds into marketable and confident ESL teachers."- Scott MacDonald, April-June 2013


"The Boston Language Institute is a great place to get your TEFL certification. Not only is the program very organized and well structured, but the staff is very accessible and experienced in guiding you throughout the class."- Denise Fonseca, April 2013


"This course provides a very solid set of building blocks to anyone considering teaching English as a foreign language. The instructors expect a lot but provide the support necessary to accomplish the goals set. Ultimately, it was a very rewarding 12 weeks and I couldn’t be happier with my experience."- Katherine Wiryaman, January-March 2013


"I can’t imagine taking the TEFL course anywhere else! I feel like I have a good structure and support system underneath my feet. The staff and president are very open and willing to help you in any way that they can."- Brianna Zirolli, January-March 2013


“Before I took the course at BLI, I was a ship on open water, usually with the wind at my back, most often making it into port without too much damage, but sometimes veering off course. What BLI has provided me with are a keel and a rudder. (Essentials, really, for professional sailing.) My feeling is that I got MUCH more than I had expected or hoped for. And everyone in the program deserves my thanks, including my fellow students, who provided so much conviviality and support. ” - Robert Nowak, January 2013


“When I went to The Boston Language Institute Open House, I immediately knew it was right for me, and I signed up that day. The TEFL Program encompassed so many of my interests (travel, meeting new people, teaching and learning) and gave me a feasible way to take these interests and use them.” - Mandy Ziino, September 2012


“When I started the TEFL Program at BLI, I was excited by the prospect of traveling, but by the time I completed it, I was more excited by the prospect of teaching.” - Doug Norris, September 2012


“I felt both challenged and highly supported during my month-long enrollment at the BLI’s TEFL Certificate Program. Each trainer I had was very supportive, passionate and available. This program helped inspire me to continue pursuing a path of teaching” – Evan Blittersdorf, November 2012


“Supportive, professional, comprehensive, responsive trainers and staff. I’m leaving the program feeling confident that I can do this. Trainers, material, syllabus, etc, - outstanding!” –Ronna Tarlow, November 2012


“The program is very thorough and delivers what they advertise.” –Sheridan Roush, November 2011


“While I was taking the part time TEFL class at The Boston Language Institute, Saturdays were the highlight of my week. The energy, attitude, humor and insight of the instructors were top notch!” –Jay Cram, September-December 2011


“Although I had prior teaching experience - 3 years teaching English in Japan - I found the program very enlightening. I’ve learned how to become a more effective teacher through the topics covered and the style taught.” –Farah Wong, August 2011


“My choice to work with The Boston Language Institute and experience your program and staff was one of the best decisions of my life. I don’t think I’ve experienced such care and concern about my future outside of my family.” – Elizabeth Apollonio, August 2011


“I entered the program lacking confidence that I could teach. I left feeling not only confident, but excited.” –Alan Tedeschi, August 2011


“If you want a challenge that is fun, yet thought provoking, this is the place to come!”
– Maria Pino, July 2011


“I had an enriching and empowering experience at The Boston Language Institute. My course prepared me to teach many kinds of students and classes, and I feel confident in my ability to be an English language educator.” – Brittany Hagar, June 2011


“Having just retired after working 28 years in the corporate world, I wanted to get back to my teaching roots. The TEFL program at BLI provided me with a wonderful foundation to launch my next semi-retirement career!”  - Cheryl Weinstein, June 2011


“I recommend this course to everybody interested in teaching ESL. It’s a great place where the teachers know exactly what they are talking about!” – Ana Santos, April 2011


“This was a great experience of learning, bonding, "trial by fire." I feel well prepared to enter the field.” - Ruth Sacks, January 2011


“It is an intense but absorbing program. Be prepared to put your life on hold, but it's worth it. I feel I can teach now and a month ago I could not.” - Phillipa McDonald, January 2011


“Every educator should take this course.” - Joseph Kopta, January 2011


“Before the BLI TEFL Program, I lacked the confidence necessary to teach effectively in front of a class. I feel like BLI has prepared me to use my previously existing skills in an educational setting.” - Jesse Simpson, January 2011


“The Boston Language Institute offers an excellent part-time TEFL program for working professionals.” - Nancy Rivera, September-December 2010


“I really feel I got what I was looking for.  I ask a lot of myself and I want to be the best at what I do, and this program has given me the confidence I needed to teach.” - Ursula Tice, December 2010


“The TEFL program, while intensive, gives you the tools necessary to begin a new career and get hands-on experience teaching people from different cultures.” - Kathy Bouchard, December 2010


“This has been an intense but enjoyable experience.  I’ve been teaching at the university level for 35 years but this program introduced me to a totally new approach to the classroom.” – Ross S. Feldberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology (Retired) Tufts University, October 2010


“The program was extremely intensive, but the instructors were there every step of the way to help you through it.  It was a great and rewarding experience.” – Jeff Flanagan, October 2010


“BLI’s TEFL program fulfilled and surpassed my expectations.  I can’t wait to put my new skills to work.  It was the most rewarding four weeks of my life.” – Dixie Foster, July 2010


“The small class size provided an excellent learning environment.  At BLI the focus is on providing training of the highest quality and on ensuring success in assignments.” – Christopher Burton, July 2010


“I’m not from this area of the country but it was well worth the trip.” – Bryan Sitzes, June 2010


“Whether teaching in the US or abroad, I now feel confident that I will be able to lead a classroom of ESL students in an organized and fun way.” – Debbie Picard, June 2010


“The fact that we taught real non-native English speakers was a truly amazing experience.  I was able to thrive as a teacher and feel great success after each lesson taught.” – Julie Miller, June 2010


“The teaching experience was invaluable.  To learn methods is only part of the process; to stand in front of students and use them is absolutely necessary to gain confidence.”
– Blake Hunsicker, June 2010


“I have had no teaching experience and now I feel I am well prepared for the road ahead.” – Jacob Dvorski, June 2010


“TEFL at BLI knows how to teach and knows how to teach to teach!” – Cara Busch, June 2010


“I loved it!  I met really nice people.  Everyone was very helpful.  The course is great in terms of getting to know different cultures and how to plan and teach lessons.” – Ulyana Bevilacqua, June 2010


“The BLI TEFL program is very intense but also rewarding and you will take away what you put into it. The teachers are great, the class sizes are small and best of all you get to teach several real English classes for hands-on experience.” – Lynn Larsen,  April 2010

“The Boston Language Institute is a school that shares my passion for culture and languages. I now have the knowledge to feel comfortable and prepared to teach abroad.” – Jason Lessard, February 2010

“I feel I can conquer the world.” – Angie Mulvenill, February 2010

“The TEFL program shines through BLI with as much influence as the ‘Guaranteed Swahili signs in the subway.” – Rene Morenski, March 2010

 “The Boston Language Institute is all about making a personal connection with its students who become teachers. BLI has provided me with a knowledge base for the English language, confidence in my teaching abilities, and friends from around the world. Thank you!”  – Abri Brickner, March 2010

“If you’re looking for a crash course in learning to teach English as a second language both here and abroad, this is the course to take!” – Susan Monahan, March 2010


“I got the feeling that each trainer cared about our experience at BLI. The program is well organized and the people are friendly and helpful.”  – Elizabeth Rogers, June 2009

“This was a very challenging course on many levels but also one of the most enjoyable.” – Aileen Mc Adam, May 2009

“As a career changer, BLI’s TEFL course has prepared me to take a new path, which I hope will be exciting, challenging and successful.”  – Paul Levinson, June 2009

 “The TEFL program is great. I cannot say enough about the trainers. They are all so helpful. I am really leaving here feeling prepared to teach ESL.”  Ryan Byrne, August 2009


"The TEFL program at The Boston Language Institute is one of the most challenging, rigorous programs I've ever enrolled in. But for someone with passion and commitment to teaching ESL, there's no better place to go." – Jaime Libowitz, October 2008

"I'm very pleased with the TEFL training that The Boston Language Institute provided for me.  It is an excellent and challenging program.  As an educator who spent 40 years in public education, 30 of those years as an administrator, I can say without hesitation that the teacher training is excellent. – Dan Moegelin, September 2008

“The TEFL course was everything I expected and more.  The trainers proved to be dedicated to teaching and to making us the best teachers we can be.  I feel I got a first class education and I am looking forward to starting a career in this field.  It was intensive but well worth it!” – Christina Monte, September 2008

“I gained a lot of confidence as a teacher.  My lesson plans have become much more thorough, and I even know what modals and phrasal verbs are!” – Jonathan Tardif, September 2008

“I am happy that I chose to come here.  The Boston Language Institute offers a well-run program with a method that really works, and the trainers are competent, friendly and helpful.  In addition to great training, I got access to a great reputation and connections.”
– Jonathan Estey, August 2008

“I have never been willing to promote anything publicly, not even my college, but this I will say was worth every penny.” – Skaya Billman, June 2008

“You will learn a lot about yourself and other people.  You will be helping other people understand each other.  You will respect the learning process of foreign students more.”
– Jeffrey Marganian, April 2008

“Great course! Instructors are very caring and readily available for help at any time.  Fellow classmates were awesome and the class atmosphere was great.  The TEFL program at BLI taught me all the skills I needed to become a good ESL teacher.  Thank you!” – Patricia Kim, March 2008

“I really enjoyed the personal attention and genuine interest that the trainers gave to each student.  I am very excited to begin teaching abroad because I have a solid foundation beneath me from which I can build my future teaching experiences.”
– Elizabeth Buford, March 2008

“The Boston Language Institute opened my eyes to the possibility of teaching English abroad and confirmed my desire to teach with real experience.  I am thankful for this opportunity and am so happy that I decided to enroll in this program.” – Alison Maddox, March 2008

“A haiku on the winter TEFL course:
            Winter melted away
            Thanks to the great trainers, and
            The free Clementines” – Paul Panza, January 2008


“My experience at BLI far exceeded my expectations.  The knowledge, passion, support and encouragement of the instructors made this program even better.” – Nicole Peterson, October 2007

“I like the teaching method very much.  Back in Germany I’m going to adapt my teaching style accordingly.  This program is very good for non-native speakers (pronunciation classes, special grammar lessons, etc.).” – Elke Heppt. August 2007

“I feel so prepared as a TEFL teacher now.  What once seemed a daunting endeavor now seems completely attainable.” – Leanne Ruell, April 2007

“ This program is very professional and really strives to make people teachers.  It is also something that you as students will have to take seriously.  It is truly a program focused on education, not just handing out certificates.” – Michael Kwong, April 2007

“The most incredible staff!  Trainers not just brilliant in ability but approachable, supportive, and tactfully instructive as well.  Top-notch really.” – Patrick Strauss, April 2007

“I have learned that being a teacher is an art.  It is something that one should enjoy and feel passionate about.  I learned that every person is different, so every person should be addressed differently.  I learned that patience and tolerance are two of the most important virtues.  I learned that a classroom was not built for stress, but rather for leaving all one’s personal worries at the door.” – Maria Virginia Irisarri (Virgy), February 2007


“This has been a memorable and enlightening experience to add to my life's journey. ”
– Marian Siegel, September 2006

“Beyond providing us with excellent handouts and first-rate instructors, the BLI program taught us how to teach for active learning. Best of all, we had the opportunity of working with three different levels of non-English speaking students.” – Judy Murray, March 2006

“The course exceeded my expectations. The course itself is demanding, rigorous, and well-structured, and I am so grateful to have had such stellar preparation for my career.” – Meghan Greenberg, January 2006

“I never thought a month would go by so fast. I now feel really prepared, plus I made great friends.” – Michelle Montero Fuentes, January 2006


“This course was not just a “course.” It was an all encompassing experience of life-goals, friendships, challenges and achievement.” – Anjuli Judge, March 2005


“This was a memorable and growing experience.” – Michael Lombard, January 2005


“. . . I’ve made great new friends for life.” – Scott Conant, November-December 2005


“I feel totally prepared to step into a classroom. The TEFL program was really thorough, and it’s a good time, too!” – Kathryn Brooks, October 2005


“The teaching quality was some of the best I’ve experienced anywhere. I can’t say enough about the trainers.” – Matthew Zimmerman, February 2005


“This training has given me the confidence and understanding to teach anyone, anywhere in the world.” – Claudia Niño de Guzman, August 2005


“Absolutely a must for anyone wishing to open a door to a new life.” – Glen Shapland, September-December 2005


“Absolutely amazing experience, certainly recommend program. High quality on every level.” – Caitlin Jones, March 2005


“This course provides a method of teaching that really works and allows you to impart retainable knowledge of the English language. And the trainers practice what they preach. . .” – Lisl Trowbridge, February 2005


“The BLI staff are totally friendly, including secretaries and directors; they make you feel like you’re in your living room at home, working.” – Jose Lopez Espinosa, October 2005


“A very strong program for those who learn to teach English as a Second Language. The syllabus is well structured and it provides hands-on classroom teaching experience. Also, all the teachers are devoted and want their students to succeed.” – Amy Lau, September-December 2005


“Very useful to have instructors with different backgrounds—everyone is very inviting, helpful and friendly. The best program in America.” – Zeynep Bayraktarglu, May 2005


“There’s nothing like it. BLI will give you an awesome experience. It’s foolproof!”
– Ibrahim (Abe) H. Tekin, November-December 2005


“The program is very comprehensive and very practical. It is very strenuous, but at the end you feel that you will be successful in the real world. The teachers are superb!”
– Imelda Stoffregen, MBA, May 2005


“There is so much going on in my life right now that is a direct effect of my time at BLI. I’ve spent two wonderful years in Taiwan, where I realized that teaching is my passion. I eventually returned to the US to get my teaching license and a Master’s degree in TESOL. I teach 5th grade now and will finish my Master’s program next week. Next year, I’ll be teaching in South Africa, and this summer I am going as a volunteer to Cambodia, where I will help train teachers. I feel so excited about the possibilities, and all of this started because of The Boston Language Institute!” – Ashley Carr, March 2001

Program Highlights

  • Learn the Communicative Approach based on the latest research in language learning.
  • Teach real ESL students under the guidance of expert trainers.
  • Receive life-time, personal support in your career development.
  • Create a portfolio that will make you stand out with potential employers.
  • Become a part of a worldwide network of program alumni, currently teaching in the United States and more than 30 foreign countries.
  • As a graduate, enroll in a free six-week session (4 weeks in summer) in any of our 12 most common foreign languages.
  • Unique money-back guarantee; please call for details.


Open House



617-262-3500 x 244


Instruction offers students an opportunity to work one-on-one with an instructor at their own pace. The instructor carefully selects materials and plans lessons to effectively meet the student's goals and individual learning style.

Private programs offer a flexible schedule and a customized curriculum. A minimum of 24 hours of instruction with one or two classes (each 90 or 120 minutes) per week is the suggested module, but dates, times and content can be arranged according to your requirement.


Core programs(popularly known as Group Classes) are offered in classes of 4 to 12 students year-round in popular languages. In an effort to better suit our clients’ schedules and language learning goals, classes are offered in a client friendly format of 6-week sessions (4-week accelerated sessionsin summer). This format allows students to:

  • continue from one session to the next with no more than a 2-week break.
  • begin any level in any session.
  • progress more rapidly through 4-week summer Fast-Track programs.
  • benefit from a more efficient and student friendly class schedule.


Immersion programs are designed to teach the equivalent of levels 1 to 5 of the Institute's regular core programs in one 6-week or 4-week, 90-hour sessions. Classes meet Monday through Friday, 3 hours a day in 6-week programs/4.5 hours a day in 4-week programs.

The main goal of these programs, which meet in small classes of 4 to 12, is to help students, from day one, to increase confidence in their ability to use their new language in a wide range of real-life situations and improve their oral skills as they progress from level to level.