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TEFL Program for Non-Native Speakers of English


The ever-growing need for English teachers worldwide creates teaching opportunities and supporting roles for non-native speakers as well. In 2002, The Boston Language Institute pioneered a special Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate Program designed for non-native speakers of English. This program has become integrated into the regular curriculum with special training where appropriate, such as in grammar and pronunciation. Among our non-native graduates, like our natives, many are already successful English teachers in their home countries who come to The Boston Language Institute to upgrade their skills.


Individuals with no previous teaching experience or training, as well as experienced teachers, therefore, use the TEFL Certificate Program to enhance their mastery of teaching methodology. Because the principles taught in the Institute’s program are transferrable to other languages, you will be trained by extension to teach any language you know. Private secondary schools, for example, have sent their foreign language teachers to our program to enhance their pedagogical skills.


Language Proficiency Requirement

We offer both 11 full-time, 4-week programs per year and 3 part-time programs (12 Saturdays). Admission requires an advanced level of spoken and written English, for which all candidates are tested, native and non-native speakers alike.


TEFL Certificate

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