The Boston Language Institute’s internationally recognized TEFL/TESL Certificate Program will train you in 4 weeks (12 weeks part time) to teach English in the United States or abroad.




Lauded by the Wall Street Journal as “one of the better known programs in the country,” The Boston Language Institute is the oldest and most innovative TEFL/TESL certification school in Boston. The Institute offers 11 intensive English teacher training certificate programs (4 weeks) and 3 part-time programs (12 Saturdays) per year. Since its inception, the program has featured foreign students of English for practice teaching, a phenomenon we pioneered in Boston. In 2002, we also pioneered the first dedicated TEFL Certificate Program for non-native speakers of English.
Since 1981, the Institute has successfully taught over 160 foreign languages and English as a Second Language (ESL) in our elegant, feng shui designed facilities in Boston’s centrally located Kenmore Square. We also teach on-site in the area’s corporations, schools and well-known universities, always stressing authentic and effective communication. In developing our TEFL/TESL Certificate curriculum, we have drawn on more than 3 decades of experience to provide a lively, interactive program that will train you to create the dynamic lessons that have won our programs such renown.
Since its inception in the spring of 2000, the TEFL/TESL Certificate Program has trained just over 1900 teachers. Our graduates teach in the United States and over 30 countries around the globe -- China, Japan, Korea, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Spain and Morocco, to name a few. Many have shared with us the extent to which the program has prepared them for their EFL and ESL careers. Many of our graduates have taught foreign languages and ESL at the Institute; some have become TEFL trainers and program coordinators. While this site is intended to give a sense of our program and answer your questions, we invite you to visit us in person or to join us at one of our monthly Open Houses. We invite you also to schedule a morning observing the program and speaking with our staff to experience the unmatched program quality and client service for which we are so well known. Please contact Elizabeth Mbaya, program coordinator and program graduate, at or by phone at 617-262-3500 x244. We look forward to the pleasure of meeting you.



   Program Highlights

  1. Learn the Communicative Approach based on the latest research in language learning.
  2. Teach real ESL students under the guidance of expert trainers.
  3. Receive life-time, personal support in your career development.
  4. Create a portfolio that will make you stand out with potential employers.
  5. Become a part of a worldwide network of program alumni, currently teaching in the United States and more than 30 foreign countries.
  6. As a graduate, enroll in a free six-week session (4 weeks in summer) in any of our 12 most common foreign languages.
  7. Unique money-back guarantee; please call for details.


Full-time programs begin monthly.  

Part-time Saturday programs begin September, January and April.


*For detailed information about various abbreviations, please visit the Glossary page.